Funeral Insurance will help protect your family from the financial burden of your funeral costs in the event of the insured death. Funeral Insurance allows you to plan ahead so you don’t leave your loved ones with bills they cant pay at a difficult time.

We specialise in Funeral insurance that’s all we do. You are able to speak to an experienced consultant who knows the ins and outs of funeral Insurance and can secure you the right policy at the right price. This can be all set with no medical questions in under 5 minutes


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Types of Premiums Payable for a Funeral Cover

Types of Premiums Payable for a Funeral Cover

Funeral insurance premiums can be paid fortnightly, monthly, bi-annually or annually depending on your flexibility. It is easy to arrange for a standing order where the payment is made directly to the funeral insurance company so that you do not miss an installment. When deciding on funeral plans, the following premium payments are available.

Stepped Premiums

Stepped premiums start out at a lower rate and gradually increase with your age. You might consider paying this type of premium because smaller installments are payable at the beginning. However it could be a disadvantage when you are older and have to pay higher premiums when your income is less if you are retired and living on a pension. When applying for a funeral plan, get more information about the options available when paying these types of premiums.

Level Premiums

Here you pay a non changing premium for the life of the policy. The premium may be higher than the stepped premium, but you can rest easy that it will never increase for as long as you have the policy in force. This is an advantageous funeral plan for long term budgeting, since it will never change no matter how long you live unless you change the type of funeral cover.


Protect your loved ones
from the financial burden
of your Funeral costs

  • $5,000 to $30,000 Funeral Cover
  • No Medicals or Health questions.
  • At aged 90 you cease paying any premiums and your still covered indefinitely
  • 45 Day cooling off period
  • First 3 months FREE
  • If death occurs accidently after the first 12 month then 3 X the benefit is paid up to $90,000.
  • Premiums can be paid fortnightly or monthly
At a BBQ last weekend, a mate told me that his dad’s funeral had set them back $20,000! I certainly know that my young family couldn’t find that much money at short notice should something happen to me. That’s why I have taken out Funeral